Questioning in the Classroom: The Class as an Idea Factory

August 22, 2012


Innovative Student

I read a great article on Mindshift about how to turn your classroom into an idea factory. Step 1 is to “welcome authentic questions”, which basically means soliciting student feedback at every step of the process. Sometimes teachers can be afraid of inviting more questions— it creates more work for us. However, sometimes, questioning can […]

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How do you start off the school day?

August 9, 2012



Back to school is upon us, and the question of the day is, what is your morning message? More specifically, how does your school set the tone for the day? Like teachers, students go through a lot just to get to school—they are rushed, poked and prodded. They may or may not have eaten and […]

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Sally Ride and the Courage to Dream

July 24, 2012



Today Sally Ride, the first woman in space, passed away. She was profoundly accomplished, receiving her B.S in Physics, B.A in English, and M.S. and PhD in Physics from Stanford University. In addition to being an advocate for STEM education for girls, she inspired us all to dream. Her death, and the fact that women […]

What do kids do in the summer? How to create effective summer programming

July 18, 2012



Summertime…the living is easy….fish are jumping and the cotton is high. School is out, and for some, that means a variety of camps, enrichment programs and travel. For others, that means a month or more of sleeping in, and doing nothing. While I am a firm believer in summer break an opposed to year round […]

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The Miseducation of Joseline and Stevie J : Comments on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

July 10, 2012



          Its summer, and VH1 has ramped up its roster of shows featuring the degradation and exploitation of minorities and women. One of the most captivating is Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. The show features Joseline, an aspiring entertainer, and her manipulative producer, Grammy award winning musician Stevie J. The exploits […]

Can Students Make Choices?

June 18, 2012



Americans don’t know how to choose. We spend a year debating over who should be president, and there are only 2 choices. We choose colleges and credit cards that put us in to debt, just because they sound good or feel good at the time. We can hardly vote for American Idol. Part of the […]

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How many seconds are in a school day?

June 6, 2012


dali clocks

Yesterday I asked my 6th graders to calculate the number of seconds in a day. Having met all of our standards for the year (and with 1 month of school to spare) I guess you could say that I was grappling for activities. But I wanted to check out my students’ metacognitive processes, so I […]

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